Seminar of Rebetiko music @Budapest

By Theodora Athanasiou and Sofia Labropoulou @Lumen Kávézó (Budapest)

Rebetiko, also known as the Greek blues, is a very rich music genre regarding the melodic and lyric content, because is both based on makam modal system (a complex modal construct which was brought to a high level of development under the Ottomans) but also strongly influenced by the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor music heritage. Rebetiko is a genre of music that offers to any musician a great chance to study standards for eastern and greek folk and urban music.

Saturday, 24 February 2018
2 hour lecture about Rebetiκo music (History, Periods, Styles and presentation of the most important representative artists and instruments of each style) and presentation of Kanun, Lafta and Folk style Guitar (description of their characteristic role in Greek Folk and Rebetiko music).

20:00 Concert of Rebetiko music with Theodora Athanasiou and Sofia Labropoulou
Sofia Labropoulou (kanun) and Theodora Athanasiou (vocals, guitar, lafta) present a crossover through Rebetiko music, “Cafe Aman” and contemporary personal compositions based on the Eastern Mediterranean music heritage. Two of the most renowned musicians in Greece that trust their musical insights and offer an amazing musical journey through the routes of Rebetiko.

Sunday, 25 February 2018
4 hour Seminar with Sofia Labropoulou and Theodora Athanasiou
Instrumental music of the tradition of Rebetiko (Practical Seminar)
30 min break
The seminar will be focused on instrumental compositions from the Rebetiko tradition. It is being referred to musicians and instrument players of all levels).