Concert: alpha steritikó


Theodora Athanassiou – guitar
Taxiarchis Georgoulis – oud
Loukas Metaxas – percussions


alpha (άλφα) is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

steritiko (στερητικό) comes from the Greek verb: steroúmai (στερούμαι) which stands for being deprived of something or someone

“alpha steritiko” is a greek prefix. It’s the letter “a” that stands in front of a word

alpha steritiko @ TV Control Center

This concert will be the debut presentation of “Theodora Athanasiou Trio” launching a series of live music events that will lead and add to the main performance, called “No Words”. In this first concert there will not be many words to hear. Just three song. The rest will be just notes… Organic music, mainly from primary compositions

* “No Words” is an experimental music project that started as an expressive dialogue between an old romantic guitar (kitharoni) with an oud and percussions.

** The band was established in September 2016 by Theodora Athanassiou, in order to become the core part of musical expression on her own modern compositions. The main concept is to build a music bridge between the history and the future stories of Eastern Mediterranean music. As a result this project aims and would like to be the answer on how a young musician deeply involved in old elements of various orient musical styles (mainly rembetica songs) could express and compose today’s music with an old traditional guitar.


Monday 30 Απριλίου. Έναρξη 21:00

TV Control Center [Kyprou 91Α & Sikinou, Kypseli, +30 213 00 40 496 ,]

Ticket Price: 6€