Garlic Duo


July 2015 to present

Theodora Athanassiou – guitar
Pavlos Spyropoulos – contrabass

Photos / Video: Houdetsi festival, 8/2015, Music Village, 8/2015


Local Tunes of low frequencies, spiced up with garlic…

How expressive is nowadays the sound played by a little old guitar with wire strings, “born” in the romantic, still rebel world of Rebetika songs? How can a contrabass, coming from the perspicuous and emotional world of symphonies, “sing” and “dance” so passionately? How can two young musicians with mixed and complex aesthetic IDs get so deep into reviving old music patterns and creating new tunes of their own?

Things are happening around us and inside us, in the thread of history. The two musicians “speak their truth out” boldly and clear using their instruments, as they play orient music spiced up with garlic…

Using a language beyond limits and frontiers, that needs no words… music!

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