July 4-9 2016, Labyrinth Musical Workshop, Houdetsi/Crete
by Pavlos Spyropoulos & Theodora Athanasiou

The seminar will take place for the first time in the format of a music group. The intent is to study and highlight accompaniment as a living and inalienable component of the art of music focusing primarily on its relevance to the modal musical traditions of the southeast Mediterranean.

Given that in the context of the musical idioms in question the melodic line has a singularly powerful presence, many players of what we might call accompanying instruments have a tendency to concentrate almost entirely on the melody itself, with the intention of improving to the best of their ability its rendition, whilst simultaneously not paying enough attention to other accompaniment possibilities which could potentially work more effectively in support of a composition or an improvisation. It is exactly this observation which serves as the starting point for this seminar which employs two instruments frequently encountered in an accompanying role in almost all of the musical idioms (folk and “classical”) of the broader region: the Guitar and the double bass.


theodora-athanasiou-5Duration: 30 hours
Working time: 10.00 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 19.00

The workshop aims to familiarize musicians with the so old and famous process of self-accompaniment-to-song! Given for the first time in the Music Village summer syllabus, focuses on the one person singing and accompanying act in the context of folk and popular tradition.

Theodora having already experienced and served this art for years will focus on the basic harmonic and modal accompaniment, transpositions and chord inversions, rhythmic patterns according to repertoire and context, picking techniques and so many more!